How to order
Your orders are welcome !

For E-Mail Orders, please use this adress:

For Telephone or Fax orders, please call this numbers:
Tel: +49 6894 381201
Fax: +49 6894 381237
Mobile: +49 152-23619431

Any of these methods are welcome.

If you are interested on a item from our catalog please contact us. We will give you all informations on the item and if the item is available. We can also provide more informations and additional photos if needed.

Please note that all our items are pure collector items or display. The items are not tested for real use. Use is at your own risk !

Shipping & return informations.

We gererally ship worldwide through all mayor delivery services.

If you are not satisfied with the product, we offer a 14 days money back gurantee. Please not that we inspect all the items before delivery and also if you sended it back to make sure that it is the same item we send.

Example for shipping cost to USA
Shipping quote to USA for
0- 4 KG – 28 EUR + Airmail 15 EUR
4- 8 KG – 36 EUR + Airmail 29 EUR
8 – 12 KG- 45 EUR + Airmail 43 EUR
12 – 20 KG- 60 EUR + Airmail 72 EUR

Orders above 1000€, no shipping costs.

How to pay ?

We accept a wide range of payment methods as:

  • Personal Check
  • International Bank Checks
  • Western Union Bank Transfer
  • International Money order
  • Classic Money tranfer to our Bank Account
  • PayPal

We won’t accept payments by Credit Cards.

Please contact us and tell us your favourite payment method. We will provide the matching account via eMail.