Original Wempe Station Clock German „BUNDESWEHR FERNMELDEUHR“

This is an original „WEMPE“ Station Clock with original Kienzle quartz clock movement, used for various units of the German Army and Air Force, clock is used but in good condition , Battery 1,5 V Baby, Nonrechargeable, clock (station clock) type no. 990/736 Armed Forces supply no. 6645-12-171-7365
The watch manufactured by WEMPE Chronometerwerke Hamburg is called „Fernmeldeuhr“ and is available under supply no. 6645-12-171-7365 introduced into the Bundeswehr; manufacturer type no. 990/736 or Wempe item no. CW88047. The precise time display is ensured by a battery-operated quartz clockwork (with central second) type W 716 from KIENZLE. The clock can be used in all units and is used to display the time accurately. The case of the watch is made of matt, impact-resistant polystyrene in the color RAL 6014 (yellow olive). The brass dial is matt black with white Arabic numerals. Dial and hands are coated with photoluminescent luminous material according to VTL 8010-015. On the lower part of the housing there are two metal support feet that can be swiveled out; This means that the watch has a secure stand even under extreme loads. 6645-12-135-2004 a mobile mount, Technical specifications:Impact-resistant plastic case, height 128mm, width 104mm, depth 42mm, diameter dial 72mm. Weight 0.5 kg., Battery 1.5V , clock is some used with some scratches and sigens from use in good original condition, clock is very accurate in transition,Unfortunately, the button to set the clock is missing , but the clock can be set with the attached metal tube!