Original Vintage Soviet USSR Military Panoramic Biological Chemical Protective Mask for Aicraft Flight Crews PFL-1

This is a full set PFL-1 Panoramic Biolgical Chemical Protective Mask for Helicopter and Transport Aircraft Flight Crews, set is unused in old stock but very nice condition,include a used original SHL-78 Leather Flight Helmet,very nice display set,Besides the PPM-88, the PFL-1 is the only panorama mask that was mass-produced in the USSR. It is relatively rare as the first examples date back to 1987 and the last ones left the assembly lines with the collapse of the Soviet Union.It was never produced in quantities as large as the GP-7 or SzM-41/62/66 as it was a special design for military aircraft and helicopter crews who could be exposed to or landed in NBC weapons contamination. The mask with all gear was part of the KZO-L set which also included a PFL compatible suit. It is likely to be found in reserve units to this day. The body was based on the civilian PPM-88 mask. The basic requirement for the design of the PFL-1 was maximum user comfort, even when wearing the mask for a long time. This is, of course, a requirement resulting from the length of the combat flights, which could last several minutes or even hours.”

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