Original – U.S. – M-1952A Fragmental Body Armor Vest -Vietnam War

An excellent example of a genuine issued U.S. Vietnam War era M-1952A Body Armor Vest. The M-1952A flak vest saw continuous service during the Vietnam War by USMC soldiers and pilots, even though it was superseded by the M69 vest it continued to be used throughout the war. The vest is in very good condition with some typical staining to the fabric that is typical for these vests, Its armour feature is 12 piles of ballistic nylon and has a zipped front enclosure along with poppers, both the poppers and zipper are in excellent working order, with elastic draw cords to either side, the vest has hand grenade hangers on both cargo pockets. All the original manufacture labels are present, it was made 1953, Manufactured by Stein Brothers Manuf. Co. Zipper functions fine. Real nice ,excellent condition, no tears or holes or other defects, very small stains on the back ,   Small Size No US field gear collection is complete without this vest!