Original Secumar 20 MB Life /Survival Jacket Size Medium for Flight Personell with Life Preserver

The SECUMAR 20 MB system is a survival vest with protection against ballistic projectiles and is expanded to include abdominal protection, antenna collar, swimming collar and integrated stand belt, the body of the vest is equipped with modular attachment points for emergency equipment, weapons and transport bags, modular life jacket / survival vest for flight personnel , vest including ballistic protection according to SK4 and a standing belt system, including integrated splinter protection class SK 1 and additional SK1 abdominal protection, various pockets and emergency devices for variable attachment are included (see pictures), rescue collar with life preserver is fastened with a zipper, in use with the German Air Force and Army, suitable for C-130 pilots, helicopter pilots and loadmasters and door gunners, this MB 20 vest was only used as a training device for training and is therefore in very good condition, not demilitarized, with all fastenings, pockets and straps for the various possible uses as can be seen in the pictures, there may be additional attachments, but these are not part of this offer, only what can be seen in the pictures is included, everything is packed in the original transport bag, very, very rare in this complete , non-demilitarized condition, including all parts in the pictures, further information on request, the same vest with the same features and the same condition is also available in size X-Large!!!! vest and all parts are only suitable for decoration or display for collectors, not for use, the useful life of the ballistic parts has expired !!! Note that all our items are pure collector items or display or decorations items. The items are not tested for real use and have no aeronautical exams or clearances. Use is at your own risk !   Shipping only within Europe !