Original „Kartenwinkelmesser“ Dennert & Pape ARISTO 1749

Original Aristo Map Protractor 1749 „Kartenwinkelmesser“ 360 °, Dennert & Pape ARISTO , very rare used map protractor 1749 from the legendary company „Dennert & Pape“ ARISTO – works from Hamburg,include original“Bundeswehr“ leather storage bag, the map protractor is a precision device with an inserted glass crosshair,the unit of measurement of the outer circle is 0-6400 mils (military division) to determine the number of marches, the inside is the division in 0-400 gon, the reading accuracy is 0.1 gon or 1 mil due to the vernier scale (like the vernier caliper),the width is 300mm when the bracket is folded out, item is used but in very good original condition,very rare and hard to find,Please note that all our items are pure collector items or display items. The items are not tested for real use and have no aeronautical exams or clearances. Use is at your own risk !