Original FLU 9/P Water-Activated Automatic LPU 9/P Life Preserver Inflators

The FLU-9/P are small, lightweight and highly reliable water-activated automatic life preserver inflators,their advanced watersensing electronic circuitry activates upon immersion in water resulting in the release of compressed CO2 into the life preserver bladders,original FLU 9/P Life Vest Auto Inflator for use with LPU –9/P Life Preserver , FLU is without Battery ,empty CO2 Bottles are include,used but very good to exellent original condition,Price is for 2 pieces and 2 CO2 bottles empty, the FLU-9/P is currently in-service with the USAF in the LPU-9/ LifePreservers worn by ejection seat aviators,