Original „BUNDESWEHR Marineflieger“Military Navigation Map with 618 Computer used by German Navy Aircraft Jet ,Transport and Helicopter Pilots , #4

This is a original german military navigation green leather map of the Bundeswehr German Navy Marineflieger -with navigation utensils by Aristo or Dennert & Pape (Hamburg) and dates back approximately from the year 1960 ,the condition is age-appropriate, but still very good , the original Contents : – 1x Aristo Aviat G 618 air navigation computer (triangle calculator) – include the manual for Aristo Aviat 610, 613, 615, 617, 618 ,more Instructions can be found on the internet !!! ,The several »AVIAT« models are different by the methods used to solve „Triangle Problems“ ( and in the AVIATJET the air speed ). Models 613, 617 & AVIATJET use simple, strait-forward graphical solutions. Models 610 & AVIAT-615 use the sine rule to obtain strictly mathematical solutions. Model 610 is a smaller version of Model 615 ( = 14 cm Diameter ) and Model 613 is a pocket-size version of the Model 617. ,-all what you see on the photos is include ,possibly missing parts or were replaced by others by the pilot!!!!!,very rare and hard to find, all used but in good to very good condition ,the zipper is OK.,original equipment see list,