Original BA-22 DNB Emergency Back Assembly Harness Incomplete !

The BA-22 Emergency Back  Assembly is a high speed parachute. This back style parachute is configured from Autoflug for use in fixed wing aircraft, such as  F5E/F, A-37, T-37, T-38,B-52,F-100,C-130,KC-135, C-5. AWACS , use  C-9 Canopy (est 28 ‚) a rear  4 line release system, which allows the airman to steer the parachute by means of control lines attached to the risers, this permits directional control for safe landing, the BA-22 Harness  uses ejector snap closures on both chest and leg  straps. The system is highly adjustable to accommodate a wide range of personnel weights and sizes,BA 22 DNB harness with all parts on the pictures in excellent condition, only the harness is offered incomplete,not include is the Ba – 22 Parachute Deployment Bag/Quarter Bag , the C 9 Canopy, the automatic ripcord release and the oxygen bottle , the back pad is include ( not on the pictures ), used by German Air Force Crews in Germany ,HARNESS NOT FOR ACTUAL USE. GREAT TO COMPLETE YOUR DISPLAY OR TRAINING DEVICE !!!