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US-Navy HGU 55/P with Tape Job VF 84 „Jolly Rogers and MBU 14 Mask

This is a HGU-55/P of USN squadron VF-84 „Jolly Rogers“ and oxygen mask MBU-14/P size short with CRU 79 oxygen regulator and redar hose , This helmet’s design was used by VF-84 during the early 90s ,Tape job done professionally ,helmet has a very good to exellent dark and gradient visor with MBU 12 Cut, minimal skratches from use include a black leather visor cover,helmet size is Large ! ,helmet include standart ear cushions with SoftSeal by Oregon Aero,earphones, communications cord and all avionics and plugs ,helmet comes with the gray integrated chin & nape strap ,helmet has a original custom-fit Thermo Plastic Liner (TPL ®) for increased comfort , this is a very nice display helmet for the collection or for use all in very good to exellent condition ,include include are 1 sticker and 1 patch Tomcat , a new wiley x googles and a used but good condition Gentex Helmet bag,very nice and very rare display helmet in very good condition !