Original ZsH-5 MKV Pilot Helmet with KM 34 Oxygen Mask Size 3

This ZsH-5 MKV Pilot Helmet was used on Mig-29 and SU-27 Fighter Jets in conjunction with the Shh-3UM NVU-2M Target Designator System! therefore the helmet has two special mounts on top to attach the Target Sight, was increased! the ZSh-5 helmet was standard Soviet issue for its pilots in the 1970’s to 1980`, these helmets was used at the East German Air Force (NVA), this is a one-piece Fiberglas helmet with interior blue padding and earphones with speakers, the helmet has an combat edge type air bag, consisting of a rubber bladder protected by a nylon bag, used to tighten the face against the KM-34, this happening automatically as the oxygen pressure is increased, the crash helmet is designed for protection of the pilot’s head against possible impacts in aircraft cockpits and aerodynamic loads at ejection,  helmet has a dark visor with an automatic lowering mechanism ,This is helmet is size 2 (large)and it is in very good normal flight use condition, with nothing missing, the ZSh-5MKV and MKV2 have mounts for the Sh-ZUM-1/NWU-2M Target Designator system, which are found on the MiG-29, helmet include a new unused original KM 34 Oxygen Mask Size 3 in Bag and a original Wooden Box, all in very good original condition, Helmet has the usual discoloration in the paint and small cracks in the paint in the area of the mask holder, this damage is normal for these helmets,a second replacement visor with a blue fabric cover and original manual is included, this helmet is very rare and hard to find !!Please note that all our items are pure collector items or display items. The items are not tested for real use and have no aeronautical exams or clearances. Use is at your own risk !