Original WWII German Air Force Flight Helmet LKpN 101 „Netzkopfhaube – Jagdflieger“

This is a original German Air Force WWII LKpN 101 Summer Flight Helmet,Size is unreadable, but it is a small size , I think head circumference 53-54 cm, hood is in a very nice state of preservation without damage in the net or on the leather, the connection cable and all plugs are present !!!,with two Siemens-Halske throat microphones marked Mi 4b Ln 26779-2 on a leather and chamois lined neck strap, otherwise in 100% original exellent condition,used but no holes, cracks or other damage, I think the pictures speak for themselves !!The manufacturer is noted with the ordnance code of “hdc” indicating it was produced by the firm of Luftfahrtgeraetewerk Hakenfelde GmbH,