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Original US -Navy LPU 34 / P Life Preserver Low Profile Kit

This is a brand new condition LPU-34/P survival low profile floatation collar kit for helicoptor aircrews ,the very latest design. complete kit as far as I can see,only the CO 2 Cartriges are missing , Color is sage green ,all in new condition,unused , The LPU-34/P LPFC is designated for use by aircrew personneloperating aircraft which are not equipped with ejection seat systems.It is designed for constant wear when wearing compatible flight clothing and equipment.The inflation shell assembly contains two inflatable bladders. The LPU-34/P LPFC is inflated by pulling the beaded handles on each side of the exterior cover. Each beaded handle is connected by a lanyard to the actuating lever of an inflation device. Pulling the handles initiates zipper separation on the exterior cover and causes the CO2 cylinder to be punctured, inflating the bladders. The zipper on the exterior cover continues to separate as the bladders inflate to provide head-out-of-water buoyancy. In an emergency situation, the oral inflation tubes may be used to top off the inflated bladders, maintain inflation in a leaky bladder, or inflate a bladder if an inflation device malfunctions. The oral inflation tube may also be used to inflate the bladders during an inspection test or to evacuate air to perform packing.IT IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY! COLLECTORS ITEM!