Original US Navy HGU 68/ P Size Medium with MBU 14/P Mask Short !!!

US Navy Gentex HGU-68/P TACAIR Flight Helmet: Current issue flight helmet to US Navy & Marine Corps pilots in aircraft like the F/A-18 Hornet and the F-14 Tomcat, this helmet is size Medium !!!!,no reflective tape no decals with reflective tape ,original green colour ,it features the lightweight and strong Kevlar shell and comes standard with the integrated chin & nape straps, the helmet is complete with dark visor ,minimal skratches ,original black leather visor cover, light weight offset bayonet clips, military avionics in black leather earcups and TPL liner assembly,helmet is minimal flight use in very good to exellent condition, helmet have only a few markings from storage,helmet was only a display object in a collection, include a very good Gentex MBU 14/P mask size Short,nice set in exellent original condition, the helmet has the holes for the combat edge bladder, this has been removed, I am delivering an original part, only the outer connection piece is missing!