Original US Military Survival Kit Individual Cold Climate

This is a original US military Survival Kit, Cold Climate, It was formerly part of the ejection seat assembly in some type of military aircraft,Survival kit USAF orig. Version „Cold Climate“ or „Arctic“. In olive canvas bag, Extensive content (e.g. coveted survival down sleeping Vietnam-era SRU-15/P parachute bailout sleeping bag. Unused, unopened and much more, which is almost never offered solo),Note: Extremely rare survival equipment. Certainly long sought by some collectors!include the very rare spleeping bag!!!!
a) Container:
1x canvas outer pocket (bag) with zip all around – 3 sides, shoulder straps adjustable. Small side pocket on top and sturdy handle. Imprint „Survival Kit Cold Climate“.
1x first aluminum tub blank to protect the small parts and at the same time to protect and stiffen during transport
1x canvas inner pocket olive with zipper all around – 3 sides, sewn on 2 straps, the free ends of which are fitted with snap hooks, which are led out through openings in the knapsack and latched onto the parachute harness
this kit is pretty hefty, and it’s not even complete, On the top of the storage bag there’s an empty pocket that used to house a poncho, for instance. You can also see two olive drab straps coming out the sides with heavy duty snap-links. Those attach the kit to the ejection seat/parachute assembly, somehow. And there are two adjustable yellow shoulder straps that allow the kit to be worn as a backpack.
Survival kit is used but in very good condition ,Date 1978 ???last inspection 1990,the only items missing are the Smoke Signal Flares and Food Packets,