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Original SPH 4 B Helicopter Helmet Size X-Large with NVG Mount

This is is a original military Gentex SPH-4 B Helicopter helmet provides superior protection and comfort in a lightweight design. Its high-strength, lightweight Para-Aramid and reinforced with epoxy resin shell, it includes a polystyrene energy-absorbing liner and a comfortable fitting system. the wide yoke-style green retention system stabilizes the helmet and can be adjusted for optimum fit with the chin and nape straps. Crushable sound-attenuating earcups screen out excessive noise levels, the doble visor systems with clear and dark visor include optically correct, abrasion-resistant, polycarbonate lenses that protect the eyes from glare, wind, and dust, this SPH-4 B helmet comes with an double visor assembly dark and clear , this normal 4B helmet helmet has a overall green nomex retention harness !helmet is includes all intact onboard/integrated communications equipment plugs and avionics , include is a original NVG mount , a Low Profile Battery Pack and a green lip light with battery pack , helmet and all is in used but in very good to exellent original condition,