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Original Russia ZSH-7APN Pilot Helmet with KM 35 Oxygen Mask

This is a ZsH-7APN Pilot Helmet use on Mig 29 and SU 27 Fighter Jets!,Helmet is equipped with a bracket where a Night Vision Equipment (NMU),or Sh-3UM-1 target designator is fitted,Helmet has single visor dark in good condition, complete avionics and an occipital bladder is inside,this air bag consisting of a rubber bladder protected by a nylon bag, used to tighten the face against the oxygen mask automatically as the oxygen pressure was increased,include is the very rare KM 35 Oxygen Mask ,it is complete with avionics and the small hose to connect to the occipital bladder,this is a rare and complete Russian KM-35 Side Hose Oxygen Mask,helmet and mask is a size 3 = Large,the KM-35 is different from the KM-34D Series 2 in that utilizes a special oxygen connector, the hose has a cover and the separate hose that is usually present running parallel to the main hose (for the helmet bladder) has been integrated into the main hose. The mask is complete with bayonet connectors, microphone and everything else, totally complete and functional. These are pretty hard to find so get it while you can!This is a very nice display helmet for your collection in normal flight used but very good condition!