Original Russia ZSh 7 Pilot Flight Helmet with KM 34 D

Original Russia ZSh 7 Flight Helmet with KM 34 D mask, helmet is in used but very good condition,size 2= Large,include original KM 34 D mask in used but very good very good to exellent condition size 3,complete with all avionic and plugs,helmet is complete with bladders ,the fastenings for the NMU Mount are present,the mount for the target designator for used in MIG 29 or SU 27 Fighters is missing,helmet shell is original painted,all ID Labels are present,,ZSh-7 shell is made out of 2 different shells joined together, internal shell has a number of straps which could be adjusted for a better fit on pilot’s head, mask receivers and occipital bladder are also attached to the internal shell thus releaving the outer shell from constant stress and eventual break up as it used to be the case on the ZSh-5 series of helmets, outer shell is made out of what looks like thin, but strong fiberglass, on top of the shell are located 5 wind blast round openings with 2cm diameter each, these openings suppose to lower the g-force loading on pilot’s head upon ejections,helmet has a single two-position sun-blocking visor, for added protection, visor in it’s upper position is stored inside of the internal visor housing,helmet is also equipped with an automatic visor lowering mechanism which snaps the visor down upon ejections,helmet and mask is flight use but in very good very cleaner original condition, very nice display helmet,Please note that all our items are pure collector items or display items. The items are not tested for real use and have no aeronautical exams or clearances. Use is at your own risk !