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Original RAF RN Aircraft Pilot Flight Flying Helmet Bone Dome Mk 4 A/4 with Q Type Oxygen mask

This is a original Mk.4A Flying Helmet is current Royal Air Force / Royal Navy / Army Air corps issue and superseded the Mk.3C helmet in the 1980`s. The shell is made of glass fibre impregnated with polyester resin and lined with shock absorbing expanded polystyrene, the interior is fitted with a multi-point adjustable webbing harness system with adjustable independently suspended earcups,the helmet has a locking clear inner blast visor and a friction mounted outer tinted visor a detachable cloth visor cover is missing, sorry , helmet and mask with all avionic and plugs but the Mask Recievers on helmet , the visor cover and parts on mask are missing !!!!,plug of the mask does not fit on connection helmet !!!!,but this is a very nice helmet for display in used but very good to exellent condition,you can get the missing parts easily at E-Bay or in UK,