Original RAF Mk.1A Flying Helmet Size Regular with Inner Helmet G-Type

This is a original MK 1 Flying Helmet wit blue G-Type Inner Helmet,helmet size is Regular ,inner helmet size is 3, helmet and inner helmet are used but in good to very good condition ,visor cover is not original for this helmet, the Mk.1A was issued in the early 1950`s and was the first RAF helmet with a fixed visor, the visor locked at various positions and was issued in various tints from clear to dark tinted. The RAF Mk.1A Flying Helmet superseded the Mk.1, this having a separate visor fitted by elastic straps. The Mk.1A was originally used by all front line pilots flying rotary & fixed wing aircraft, this included subsonic & supersonic aircraft, everything from early Hunters to Lightning’s and continued in limited use until the late 70`s and finally used by training squadrons (EFTS/UAS) until the late 80`s. Although designed to be used with the G-Type Helmet and H-Type oxygen-mask, the helmet was also used with the A-13 oxygen-mask & later the P-Type oxygen-mask. This later usage with the P-Type mask caused wear & tear problems to the helmet edge roll due to the protruding P-type mask fittings abrasing the helmet leather lining & rubber edge trim. The Mk.1A was originally issued in a silver colored shell, but later examples were issued in matt Green or Grey. The helmet is leather lined with a non-adjustable webbing harness.