• 879,-

Original HGU55/P Flight Helmet Size Large with Visor Cover Type PRU-36 with NVG Mount and MBU 12 Mask

This HGU 55 Flight Helmet has complete avionics with boom mic and lip light and PRU-36 Housing , Visor Assembly, Visor Cover, Type PRU-36, Used on the HGU-55/P equipped with the dual visor assembly clear and dark, Factory painted to match 55/P., gray leather earcups and TPL inside!Helmet also has extra Boom Mike connection for use without oxygen mask,mask – boom mic can be switched over a switch on the connection cable,the gray MBU 12/P mask is size Long with mounted „WEA „, the WEA device is mounted at the left-hand side bayonet,the WEA (Wasser Entriegelungs Aktivierungseinheit) is a water activated opening device,this device contains a tablet that solves in water and that activates a spring to push the bayonet from the retainer, helmet is equipped with an original NVG Mount with original battery pack ,the NVG mount seems to be an original part with MSN number,helmet and mask are normal flight use with sign from use,the dark visor has a scratch in the middle of the mount NVG (see pictures), the mask has a small repaired area outside (see pictures), but this is just an external repair, no hole in the mask,the clear visor is a bit difficult to use,,this is a very rare helmet in this version, all in original very good condition, very nice helmet for your collection or for display,