Original HGU 55/P Flight Helmet Size Medium with MBU 12 Mask Size Long

This is a original HGU 55/P Flight Helmet with MBU 12/P mask Size Long in in very good to exellent condition, helmet has a single visor gold tinted visor,dark visor and clear visor with minimal skratches from use,the gold tinted visor is a HGU 2 AP visor reworked as a bungee visor, dark and clear visor with MBU 12 cut, include a very nice leather visor cover with embroidery, ,helmet size is medium ,helmet include earphones and all avionics and plugs , standart chin & nape strap , helmet has a Thermo Plastic Liner !!!(TPL ®) for increased comfort , ,helmet is in used but very good to exellent condition , helmet and mask with all avionics and plugs in very good condition,