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Original HGU 55 /P Fighter Flight Helmet Size Large with MBU 12/P Mask Size Regular „ENJJPT“

This is a original HGU 55/P Fighter Helmet came from an retired German Airforce Pilot and was issued during his training in the USA
,helmet size is Large with Kevlar Shell ,helmet with standart black chin strap and nape strap , the helmet comes with single bungee dark visor with MBU 12 cut and original leather visor cover with patch, complete with all avionic and plugs ,helmet is include a original TPL Liner and a green helmet bag , the MBU 12/P oxygen ask is size Regular include a original CRU 60/P oxygen connector ,helmet,mask and CRU 60 is flight use but in very good condition,Helmet and mask are cleaned and disinfected in an absolutely clean condition,this is a beautiful nice helmet set for display or use in very good condition,