Original HGU 55 Combat Edge Size Medium with MBU 20 / CE Oxygen Mask Size Medium Wide

Original Gentex HGU 55/Combat Edge Fighter Helmet with Gentex MBU 20/P mask size Medium Wide, helmet has a very good dark visor with MBU 20 Cut, minimal skratches ,helmet size is Medium ,helmet include  original Oregon Soft Seal® Ear Cushions ,earphones, communications cord and all avionics and plugs are present ,helmet comes with the standart chin & nape strap and the mounts for the NVG „Banana Mount „,the liner is a original Zeta Liner ,this is a Current issue flight helmet to Air Force pilots in aircraft like the F-16 and F-15 Eagle. „Combat Edge“ refers to a bladder system installed in the back (nape area) inside of the helmet that inflates as the pilot ‚pulls Gs‘ to keep the mask tight to the face. The bladder is inflated by the small black hose that comes off the oxygen mask and is attached to the side of the helmet, the helmet is complete with dark CE visor with leather visor cover, light weight offset bayonet clips ,this is a very nice display helmet for the collection or for use in very good to exellent condition ,include is a used skull cap in good condition ,a brand new Wiley X Sun Googles and a brand new in box high contast visor,