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Original HGU 33/P Size Large with MBU 12/P Mask Size Regular

This is a reflective taped HGU-33/P fighter helmet with single dark visor, oxygen mask receivers for off set bayonets and complete with all avionics,the U.S.N. HGU-33/P flight helmet was designed as lightweight replacement to the APH-6 series. The HGU-33/P is based on the PRK-37/P shell assembly constructed of fiberglass cloth molded with epoxy resin. A foam edge roll around the periphery is covered in black leather. this standard HGU-33/P uses the VTEC form fit liner and the EEK-4 A/P visor assembly with dark with minimal scratches. The helmet incorporates the communication system with H-87B/U earphones and external oxygen mask receivers.The HGU-33/P and 34/P are identical except for the inner liners. The HGU-33/P uses a form fit liner v.s. a styrofoam liner in the HGU-34/P. These helmets were utilized with the oxygen mask MS 22001, MBU-14, 15, 16, 17 but the US NAVY version of MBU-5/P were sometimes also used by U.S.N. pilots during the 70’s.
helmet is taped with reflective Squadron designs and is size Large,helmet is normal flight use in very good condition,Scott MBU 12 mask is in exellent condition size Regular,helmet include standart ear cushions ,earphones, communications cord and all avionics and plugs ,include a original Gentex helmet bag,very nice display helmet,