Original HGU 33/P Fighter Helmet Decorated with Reflektive Tape VF-1 „Wolfpack“ with MBU 14 Mask

This helmet is a HGU 33/P type size Medium or Large(no Label) with dark brown Gentex wavelength Laser visor with MBU 12 cut !!,this is a original vintage HGU 33 / P Helmet in with single visor dark with EEK Housing and PRK 37/P helmet shell and V-Tec Form Fit liner Type PRU-39,helmet with standard  chin strap and nape strap , black leather earphones ,complete with all avionics and plugs,!!! helmet and mask is minimal flight use but in exellent original condition, was covered with white and red reflective tape, the Fighter Squadron 1, VF-1 „Wolfpack“that was flown in the F-14. This reactivated unit at the end of the year 1972 was once again dissolved in 1993,the helmet comes with all of its communication equipment and plugs ,include a MBU-14 type mask size short,these two items are in exellent original condition ,this is a beautiful set, equally evocative and decorative, which allows to remember the beautiful Tomcat ,