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Original HGU 22/P Fighter Helmet Size X-Large !!with MBU 5/P Mask,with Decal JaboG 35

This is a original Gentex HGU 22/P Flight helmet size X-Large with double visor dark and clear ,both visors in exellent condition,helmet with standard chin strap and nape strap , complete with all avionics and plugs,helmet is include gray leather form fit liner and military earphones in black standard plastic earcups, include a original green Gentex !!! MBU 5/P Mask size Regular Narrow in very good to exellent condition Date 1995 ,helmet came from an retired German Airforce Phantom Pilot he got it as a farewell gift,nice original helmet and mask with nice Decal JaboG 35 , helmet and mask is minimal flight used and in very good to exellent,original condition, ver nice original helmet used by German Air Force for your collection,