Original HGU 2 AP / G Helmet Size Medium as a Restoration Object , Incomplete !!

This is a orignal HGU 2AP/G flight helmet came from an retired German Airforce Pilot,helmet is a Restoration Object,this helmet is in good condition but not complete,helmet is size Medium,helmet ist original painted white ,original label from Astrocom is present,he has a clear and dark visor in good condition, is a very nice HGU 2 AP / G Restoration Object in good condition for your collection and a very nice display object , this type of a helmet is over 40 years old ,used in Starfighter and other fighters,You get what you see on the photos, including 2 new Scott Earcups and also the H-154 / AIC headset, various screws and the bayonet receiver are missing, unfortunately the original connector for the mask connection, no other parts available,