Original German Air Force Tornado Pilot HGU 55 / G Helmet

Original German Tornado Fighter Pilot Helmet HGU 55/G Flight Helmet without Oxygen Mask, helmet size is Medium ,double visor dark and clear in exellent condition without skratches ( The clear visor is a bit difficult to move in the upper area because the edge roll is a bit too thick ), complete with all avionic and plugs ,chin strap (British model) quick disconnect type and not mounted nap strap, gray fighter jock leather earcups ,black TPL liner, normal lightweight recievers,complete with all avionic and plugs , communications cord is the standard CX-4708A/AIC cable  ,helmet is few flight use and in very good condition , this is a beautiful Pilot Helmet in 100 % original condition ,very nice and very rare in this very good condition,very nice display helmet, Please note that all our items are pure collector items or display items. The items are not tested for real use and have no aeronautical exams or clearances. Use is at your own risk !