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Original German Air Force HGU 55/G Size Medium , Fighter Helmet with MBU 20/HA/LP Mask and WEA

This is a orignal HGU 55/G helmet size Medium with MBU 20/HA/LP mask size short narrow ,mask is used with original WEA ,the WEA device is mounted at the left-hand side bayonet,the WEA (Wasser Entriegelungs Aktivierungseinheit) is a water activated opening device,this device contains a tablet that solves in water and that activates a spring to push the bayonet from the retainer, all in very good condition, helmet has original gray leather edgeroll and original gray leather ear cushions (elephant ears) ,the liner is a form fit liner with black leather , helmet has black neck strap and a black chin strap (British model) quick disconnect type, normal lightweight recievers,complete with all avionic and plugs , communications cord is the standard CX-4708A/AIC cable but with a slightly different plug for GAF, helmet with dark and clear visor, minimal scratches , helmet and mask normal flight use with markings from use in very good condition,helmet and mask is normal flight use but in very good 100 % original condition,the special thing about this helmet is that it is still in the original condition as delivered by Gentex, this also the mask, helm still with original Gentex paint and original Edge roll, not worked, ,this is a very nice original HGU55 / G with all original parts and labels from Gentex, beautiful original helmet for display, include is a original GAF helmet bag in very good condition and the original patches,