Original German Air Force HGU 2 AP/G Helmet Size Medium !!!!! with MBU 5 Mask Size Regular Narrow

This is a orignal HGU 2AP/G flight helmet came from an retired German Airforce Pilot, with decal „JG 74 Mölders“,this helmet is a very rare piece in this exellent condition,helmet is size Medium,helmet ist original painted white ,he has a dark and clear visor ,both visors in exellent condition,the MBU 5 oxygen mask from Scott and comes with correct „black“ hardshell , T-bayos and 3 pin connector ,mask size is Reglar Narrow, Helmet and Mask are minimal used in exellent condition,this is a very nice HGU 2 AP / G in exellent condition for your collection and a very nice display object ,beautiful original helmet for display,I have seen very rarely this type of a helmet over 40 years old in such a great complete condition!include a orginal Gentex helmet bag also in exellent condition!!!