Original German Air Force Gueneau 316 Jet Fighter Helmet Size PT with MBU 5 Mask,Mint Condition!!

Original German Air Force Gueneau 316 Jet Fighter Helmet with MBU 5 Mask with T-Bajonetts ,date Mai 1972, Date of the last test 1990,dual visor clear and dark in exellent condition,leather inliner and leather earcups, Helmet is not flight use exellent,mint condition,the brown leather edgeroll is in new condition,original white chin strape with leather pad,helmet shell is original white
as supplied by the manufacturerForce, helmet Size is = PT = Klein = Small-Medium,include the original german MBU 5 oxygen mask with the very rare green hardshell with original German Label and T-bajonetts in mint condition size Long Narrow ,Mask was never used and is in mint condition, the T bayonets are like new, only slight traces of tests, only the 3 pin connector has been repainted due to slight corrosion damage,,complete with all avionic and plugs original „German Luftwaffe“ , absolut original helmet from German Air Force in mint condition used in Fiat G 91 , Alpha Jet , F 104 G and other Fighters ,very rare and extrem hard to find in this condition ,very nice and absolut original set , these helmets were in the originally white used in the Starfighter and Alpha Jet Aera ,there were problems with reflections in the cockpit , therefore all helmets were painted graily later,include the original Gueneau blue helmet bag,this helmet is unused warehousing goods of the German Luftwaffe, these helmets were stored and tested as spare helmets but never used,