Original German Air Force Gueneau 316 / G Fighter Helmet Size K with MBU 5 Mask !!!

This is a original Gueneau 316 G Fighter helmet size K = Klein = PT = Small-Medium ,with original Scott MBU 5 mask size Small Narrow with black hardshell, it is the German version of the French-made Gueneau 316 flight helmet, It differed from the original French version by having a different communication setup and different shaped visors, to allow use of „T“ bayonets on the MBU-5/P oxygen mask, original helmet in exellent condition,helmet came from an retired German Airforce Pilot and was used from him in the 70’s in F 104 Starfighter and Alpha Jet Fighters in different squadrons,helmet with Decal JaboG 34 „Jagdbombergeschwader Allgäu“ helmet is minimal flight used in very good to exellent condition ,helmet with all plugs and avionic,original label are present ,helmet with nice decal from JaboG 34 ,initially all Gueneau 316G helmets were white as the one shown above but in the 1980s the majority helmets were painted grey,