Original Gentex ® X-Liner for HGU56/P Helmets Size Medium 3/4″ Brand New !!

Original Gentex ® X-Liner for HGU56/P helmets Size Medium 3/4″  ,design of this new inner liner provides high comfort and optimal air and heat transfer of nearly 50% in especially hot climate areas X-Static®, an anti-microbial fabric, designed to inhibit the growth of outdor-causing bacteria and fungi and reduce electro-static discharge,Four points featuring easily adjustable Velcro® tabs for comfort fit,Unique light-weight, bi-layer, temperature insensitive material for extreme climates and prolonged missions,Available only in 1 thicknesses ¾ inch for each helmet size,Fully hand washable,Easily custom-fitted to head before placing in helmet, maximizing individual comfort,Minimizes the problems of heat build-up, liner “roll” and “creep” inside helmets. available only in size  Medium, brand new in closed plastic package,I have tested the small liner in HGU 55 helmets size medium and large, the medium liner in SPH 5 size Regular and XL and HGU 55 size X-Large helmets, the liners also fit very well for these helmets (see pictures),