Original Gen 3 PSGC Multicam Aircrew Warrior Survival Vest Harness Brand New !!!

NEW Gen3 Multicam PSGC Air Warrior Primary Survival Gear Vest/ Harness/ CarrierIncludes these items :1 vest with harness1 Utility Pouch2M4Mag Pouches2 Multipurpose Pouches1 Blower Pouch1 Strap1 Radio Pouch2 Adapter Platforms1 tourniquet pocket2 Omega Carabiner (Safety Clamp)1 First Aid platform1 Signal PlatformPart of the Air Warrior System, the PSGC is a vest and harness system that can be adjusted to fit all air crewmen. It has extraction and insertion capabilities, and it is MOLLE adaptable.The Air Warrior System is the GEN3 Air Crew ensemble that provides the soldier advanced life support capabilities. The system is combat proven, and increases personnel protection and mission performance while decreasing weight and bulk.• Integrated extraction/insertion harness• Interior stowage pockets for first aid platform and signal platform• Light weight and cool compared to other vests• Modular pockets designed for mission flexibility (MOLLE compatible)• Fire retardant materials used throughout• Designed to fit the 5th to 95th percentile crewmen,Vest and all is brand new and unused,Parts only unpacked for the photos, everything was originally packed in nylon bags,you can assemble the bags yourself as you want,used by Apache Crews in Germany,