Original Eurofighter RFD Beaufort Survival Life Preserver Flight Jacket Size 11

Original RAF Issue Fast Jet Pilots Jacket from Beaufort , Anti G Flight jacket – RFD BEAUFORT , SIZE 11,The RFD Beaufort made jacket incorporates a life preserver (horse collar type) and pockets for survival gear. Above 40,000′ pressurised oxygen is delivered to the aircrew via their oxygen mask at a positive pressure to help prevent symptoms of hypoxia caused by high altitude. However, such high pressures can lead to distension and damage of the lung. The Eurofighter flight jacket contains air filled bladders that surround the chest wall. These bladders which are filled with gas at the same pressure as gas in the mask. This prevents lung distension so eliminating the risk of lung damage. The same concept is used in, for instance, the USA developed Combat Edge system. ,vest is used but good condition, no bladders !!!!! ,COLLECTORS ITEM,not for use !