Original East Germany NVA SNR-F sea rescue suit for aircraft and helicopter pilots Size M 48

This is a hard to find Survival Suit from a former East German MIG 15 or 21 Pilot!The offered Suit is in normal flight used but very good complete condition size M 48  ,original East Germany NVA SNR-F sea rescue suit for aircraft and helicopter pilots,The SNR-F consists of the outer water protection suit and the inner cold protection suit ,The water protection suit consists of a one-piece combination and is made of coated fabric,The attached hood is tied with a band under the chin,An inflatable swim collar forms the outer neck,The arms and neck are sealed by skin-friendly rubber sleeves.In addition to the pockets for inflatable stabilization cushions, there are further pockets on the chest for storing the cold protection gloves,A recovery strap is attached over the chest.There are knee pockets on both trouser legs for the batteries of the emergency radio and other items,The signaling devices are housed in the pockets sewn on the inside of the thighs,At the back right, below the waist, there is a sewn-on pocket for the pistol with magazine, I think this is an older version of the SNR-F suit,the cold protection suit is ,The foam material in the suit has dissolved due to the age ,Date 1954(see pictures) including a pair of original NVA flight boots, all parts are marked with the name of the same pilot, all parts are used with slight traces of soiling but no damage, holes or Cracks,Date 1954 !!!!