Original Early U.S.Navy APH 6 A Flight Helmet Size Large with MS 22001 Oxygen Mask Size Medium

This early version of APH-6 serie utilized the same typology of APH-5 visor shield as well as the earphone fixation system still without the large plastic ring under the bolt head.This very early version of APH-6 series (still with no letter designation) was introduced during the early 60′. Its shell is constructed of a polyester impregnated fiberglass cloth laminate and the visor shield/locking mechanism was the same as the APH-5 later version as well as the internal liners and earphone fixation system. The APH-6 shell introduce the new and unique „Butterfly“ retention and release assembly used to secure the oxygen mask, APH-6 helmets from this era look very much like the APH-5. Its earphones are attached with a single screw through the helmet shell, it has large padded earpads and fitting pads, all covered in tan-coloured leather and a single visor,The styrene energy absorbing liner consists of three parts split longitudinally.
The only differences seem to be that the APH-6 has a thin rubber edge beading instead of the APH-5 neoprene edgeroll, and then of course the APH-6 has its special racheted oxygen mask receivers that take the so-called butterfly bayonets,this helmet,Helmet is in very good normal flight use condition for its age, helmet and mask with all plugs and connections, only the Y cable for the mask-helmet connection is missing! Very nice display helmet and MS 22001 mask in very good condition, the size of the mask is Medium Date 1965 !!,helmet has no label, I think it is size Large,Unfortunately, the visor housing has a fracture that was glued and the visor has a scratch (see pictures)!!!Please note that all our items are pure collector items or display items. The items are not tested for real use and have no aeronautical exams or clearances. Use is at your own risk !