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Original Earlier-HGU 2A/P Protective Flying Helmet Size Medium with Boom Mic MT-521A/U Boom & Carbon Microphone Assembly

The Type HGU-2A/P protective flying helmet was standard issue for U.S. Air Force flight crews during the early 1960s. First issued in 1961, the HGU-2A/P was an improved version of the HGU-2/P by the addition of ventilation holes, extra padding, and the H-154/AIC headset.United States Air Force Type HGU-2A/P protective flying helmet; white fibreglass plastic shell with light brown leather padding; gray green plastic sunvisor with white plastic protective housing and blue plastic locking knob; white nylon adjustable chin strap; internal headphones with gray plastic Padingen; black external microphone attachment,MT-521A/U (Audiosears 1682) Boom & Carbon Microphone Assembly ; Manufacturer’s tag on rear;The first HGU-2A/P military specification MIL-H-26671A was issued 16 March 1961 allowing production to begin. Just like its US Navy ancestor, the APH-5, the HGU-2/P was too heavy and suffered from heat build-up problems. The HGU-2A/P contains improved fitting pads that make the helmet more stable and an adjustable nape strap. The shell has three ventilation holes in the crown under the visor housing.The early HGU-2A/P introduced a new type of headset, the H-154/AIC. It is easily identifiable with its spring-loaded metal mounting arms. The visor housing had air louvres at the rear edge to allow the windblast to escape more easily during an ejection. The reinforcing strips along the visor lock knob track were changed from metal to plastic,The old glassfibre housing was replaced by a new lighter plastic housing with integral reinforcing ridg,helmet is in very good original condition,the fitting pads are newer version, the old pads were bad,