Original DH-41-2 Canadian Flight Helmet Incomplete with MS 22001Oxygen Mask

This is a original Gentex DH-41-2 Flight Helmet made for the Canadian Air Force ,Helmet is some flight use and incomplete, some parts are missing (see pictures), the missing parts are not available to me, but no damage to the helmet shell, helmet is a good restoration object, it has twin visors ,the dark visor and the visor knob is missing, the red liner, padding and straps look like some flight use in good condition,helmet Size is Medium, the mask is a MS-22001 with mic and wiring mounted in a PATE Quick-Acting MK II Suspension harness, the retraction straps on the cup work great and the rubber on this mask is in very good condition (dated 1971). Size , is not recognizable, I think size medium,this is a nice set as restorations object,