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Original Chute Pak BA 22 Emergency Back Assembly Parachute Harness from AWACS Crew

The BA-22 Bailout Kit is a complete configuration of a back-style, high speed parachute, configured for use in fixed wing aircraft, such as: C-141, C-130, KC-135, B-52, C-5, F-5, T-37, T-38, A-37 and F-100,BA 25 harness uses ejector snaps closures on both chest and leg straps, the system is highly adjustable to accomodate a wide range of personnel weights and sizes,The parachute is a 28′ multicolored (orange, tan, green, and white) nylon cover, Type C-9 , this is a BA 22 Harness with Parachute and all Fittings, used by German AWACS Crew ,the Oxygen Bottle and the automatic ripcord is not present !!!!, the C 9 Canopy and all parts are present ,but the parachute is not packed !!!!!!!,BA 22 is in mint unused condition Date 1983 ,not for use – Date 1983 !!!, only for Display ,only -collector item , Parachute is not packed !!!!!!!!!.