Original Bundle Of Pictures LTG 62 Wunstorf

A collector’s bundle of the LTG 62 ( Lufttransport Geschwader Wunstorf ) Wunstorf is offered consisting of the following parts: 1 sheet metal sign , hand painted LTG 62 size 29×40 cm, 1 copper picture , Air Traffic Control Wunstorf size 33×33 cm , 3 wooden pictures size 18×23 cm , 14×23 cm and 10×10 cm, 1 tile size 10×10 cm,6 original photos from Wunstorf and the Ju 52 size 40×30 cm, the offer is only valid for everything together, no individual sale, a beautiful historical collection of pictures from the Wunstorf , the JU 52 in the pictures is now in an exhibition of military historical objects in the Ju 52 hall on the adjacent outdoor area right next to the Wunstorf air base, please note that all our items are pure collector items or display items. The items are not tested for real use and have no aeronautical exams or clearances. Use is at your own risk !