Original BA-22 Emergency Back Assembly with original C-9 Canopy Unused,Unpacked

The BA-22 Emergency Back  Assembly is a high speed parachute. This back style parachute is configured for use in fixed wing aircraft, such as  F5E/F, A-37, T-37, T-38,B-52,F-100,C-130,KC-135, C-5. AWACS , use  C-9 Canopy (est 28 ‚) a rear  4 line release system, which allows the airman to steer the parachute by means of control lines attached to the risers. This permits directional control for safe landing. The BA-22 Harness  uses ejector snap closures on both chest and leg  straps. The system is highly adjustable to accommodate a wide range of personnel weights and sizes,BA 22 harness with all parts on the pictures in excellent condition, include Ba – 22 Parachute Deployment Bag/Quarter Bag and a original SRU 16 Survival Pack, not include is the automatic ripcord release and the oxygen bottle , canopy in unopened original packaging not opened, cords not cut, used by AWACS Crews in Geilenkirchen Germany ,HARNESS AND CANOPY NOT FOR ACTUAL USE. GREAT TO COMPLETE YOUR DISPLAY OR TRAINING DEVICE !!!