Original Automatik Parachute 8000 ft Ripcord Release HI-TEC Model 8000

Original Automatik Ripcord Release Hi Tek Model 8000 Parachute Opener Operational Parameters: completely mechanical, no batteries, quibs or pyrotechnical devices , fires when jumper is below pre-set firing altitude AND has a rate of descent greater than 40 fps, does not fire at any descent rate above the pre-set firing altitude, does not fire below pre-set firing altitude when descent rate is below 40 fps , displacement stroke of 2 inches , pull force between 30 and 65 lb. , has lock-out knob (off switch) , firing altitude can be set from 1000 to 3000 ft AGL , Field elevation can be sea level to 10,000 ft MSL ,100 % original very good condition, not for use , only for Display – collector item ,