Original APH 5 Fighter Flight Helmet Size Large with MS 22001 Oxygen Mask Size Large New Old Stock

This is an original 1950’s USN USMC Combat jet pilot flight helmet type APH-5 size Large New Old Stock,this helmet was one of the first hard hat flight helmets the USN used that did not have a cloth liner. It was originally painted ,it has the very rare original pads inside as well as all original earphones and wires,On the front sides are the leather straps with snaps to attach a MS22001 oxygen mask,MS 22oo1 MSA oxygen mask is size Large, also new old stock with black hose,helmet has one visor and it is dark ,this item is being sold as a collectable only, date helmet is 1965 , date mask is 1973 !!!,more info to APH 5 Helmet : https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/283601.pdf ,include is a original Gentex helmet bag in very good condition,the original paper box and the very rare original sizing instruments with instruction,Helmet shell has a small paint damage on the back due to stickers,very nice original helmet for your collection in this very rare condition,