Original ANVIS Fixed Wing Banana Clip with Replica NVG Mount and Replica ANVIS

Original Banana Helmet Mount Assembly with a very good NVG Mount Replica and a nice ANVIS Replica , the Banana Mount is used to mount the ANVIS style Aviator’s Goggles to the HGU 55/P and HGU 68/P style helmets, this NVG mount allows the user night time visibility in a fixed wing aircraft and is designed to break away in cases of extreme load (during an eject sequence).The NVG mount features a power supply is incorporated directly into the helmet mount,unfortunately, the two closure caps for the battery container are missing! this NVG mount is a really extremely accurate replica of the mount, all together a very nice deco object for a helmet in a collection,all in exellent condition,helmet and mask are of course not part of this offer !!