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Original AN / PRC 90/2 Survival Radio with Batterie in Mint Condition !

This is a Military Pilots Survival Radio. AN/PRC-90/2 ,The improved PRC-90 survival transceiver is familiar to most military aviators as the rugged, hand-held survival radio that has saved the lives of thousands of downed pilots and crew members. It has voice and beacon capability on the military distress frequency of 243.0 with voice-only on 282.8 MHz. The AN/PRC-90-2, ACR’s handheld emergency voice transceiver with locator beacon capability, is still in use with the U.S. Military . It is still issued to Navy Tactical Pilots and Flight Crews.
IT IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY! COLLECTORS ITEM!. No working garantee but PRC 90/2 is in unused mint condition , include new Batterie ! Great Collectors item or to finish your Navy or Air Force Survival Gear Collection.