Original AN/PRC 112 Survival Radio !!

This unit replaced the PRC-90,The AN/PRC-112 Radio Set is a UHF Amplitude Modulation (AM) voice radio with five operator selected frequencies (three are preset frequencies and two are operator-selectable). One of the programmable frequencies is normally used for Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) functions. DME permits an AN/ARS-6 equipped helicopter to query the AN/PRC-112 and receive a cockpit readout that provides an approximate direction and distance to the survivor. The AN/PRC-112 operates overtly by radiating a beacon signal with a range of approximately three times that of the AN/PRC-90-2. When placed in the transponder mode, the radio set operates covertly in conjunction with AN/ARS-6 SAR avionics equipment, providing bearing and range information to SAR forces. Powered by a lithium sulfur dioxide battery BA -5312/U 3,4 Ah , it provides superior performance in cold weather operations. A new version of the AN/PRC-112 has been developed through the incorporation of Global Positioning System (GPS) modules. Modified radios are labeled AN/PRC-112B and are currently in production. The AN/PRC-112 is stowed in the SV-2B Survival Vest or in the Torso Harness when modified with survival pockets, Battery Information see : www.milpower.co.uk/military_batteries.html#BA5312U, this is a original Radio,it is used but in good condition,Battery is include , no warranty on function, sorry,but a very nice and original display objekt,Antenna and switch partly defective, headphones missing,IT IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY! COLLECTORS ITEM!!!!!