2xOriginal French Air Force, SOCAPEX Flighthelmet H-4 type 403-M3 Bone Dome

2x Original SOCAPEX Flight Helmet in used unrestored condition ,these are not U.S. issue, however, they are nearly identical to late 1940 early 1950s production U.S. Navy & Marine H-4 flight helmets by Gentex these helmets are 1950/60s era French made Type 403M3 flight helmets also by Gentex their subsidiary; SOCAPEX. The 403-M3 was designed directly from the American H-4 flight helmet (shared technology agreement) and is often seen mounted with a boom microphone, which is missing from our helmets. The shell is made from hardened fiber.1960’s Gentex Socapex Type M403 M3 Helicopter Pilot Flight Helmet shell. This helmet was modeled directly from the Navy H series of helmets and similarly uses an inner liner which housed the communications (not included),Label Tag is missing, I believe both helmets are size P.T. means it’s a size small or medium. The padding is still in good condition, helmet shell with no cracks or fractures,price is for the 2 helmets on the pictures,