2 Original ZSh – 5 A Size 1 + 2 Incomplete as Restoration Object with KM 34 Mask


Offered are 2 incomplete Russian ZSh 5 A as a restoration object with KM 34 mask with original wooden box,
1 helmet is size 1, the other is size 2, size 2 is missing the connection cable and a earphone capsule, size 1 is missing the bladder,Both helmets have the usual discoloration in the helmet color and the usual fine cracks in the area of the bayonet receiver, you can make a nice complete ZSh 5 out of both helmets, both helmets have no cracks or holes in the shell and otherwise no major damage, the KM 34 mask is completely in good condition,the Soviet Russian ZSh-5A (Russian: ЗШ-5A) flight helmet was developed in the 1970s to be used with the most recent MiG fighter jets. the design was in use in the 1980s as well up to the collapse, and may even still be in use in certain countries.the ZSh-5 is designed to protect the pilot’s head and face from injuries when hitting the internal parts of the aircraft cabin during flight and during landing; from the action of the air flow during ejection, as well as protecting the eyes from exposure to sunlight and searchlight rays; providing two-way radio communication and noise damping. The main elements of the ZSH-5 are: a helmet; light filter; lock for fastening the crossbars (constipation) of the oxygen mask. The helmet is made of fiberglass,both helmets include a replacment Visor with cover and blue wooden box as restauration object,